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THE NEXT LIVE SHOW WILL BE ANNOUNCED RIGHT HERE, ... VERY SOON. --- Biz Meet Global, The Podcast Gathering Place for Everything Business, Politics, Society, Life, Philosophy, and More! Let’s talk Business, Opportunities, Commerce, Trade, Technology, and how all of it affects society, and our daily lives. Tommy B will be Co-Hosting this Podcast with various Guests, including Business Owners, Industry Experts, Entrepreneurs, Passionate Contributors, and more. The Audience is welcome to Call in or join the Live Chat Feed, and Participate in the Discussion! We all have Goals, Aspirations, & Dreams. We all have things we Love about Business, and we all have Pet Peeves & things we Hate about Business. We discuss it all! Let’s help each other out with advice, wisdom, tips, & tricks. The World Economy is Driven by People. We can Make it Good, or We can Make it Bad. Let’s Make it Good. Also Join for Free and create your own Discussion online at

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Monday Apr 22, 2024

After some greatly needed time off ... We're Back!  This is the re-introduction episode to kick off the new beginning.  This episode is a short episode, hosted by Tommy B., giving updates and commenting on some small business statistics from the US Department of Commerce.

Sunday Oct 29, 2023

Tommy B. hosts and discusses - GM and Ford announced they are stopping production of EV's - And some international trade market research tools

Sunday Oct 22, 2023

Tommy B. hosts this short show, as an introduction to Tomorrow's New Guest Host, that has experience starting and building businesses.

Sunday Oct 15, 2023

Tommy B. hosts and discusses current events and world trade trends, and some great free resources for doing global market research.

Sunday Oct 08, 2023

Tommy B. hosts and discusses the growing popularity of Online Single and Multi-Vendor Marketplaces and how they can benefit small retail and wholesale businesses that have a physical location.

Friday Sep 08, 2023

Tommy B is driving in Maine and discusses limits on the size a business should grow, a potential new partner joining, and an old Site is rebuilt

Friday Sep 01, 2023

Saturday Aug 12, 2023

Sunday Jul 02, 2023

Businesses such as human trafficking, pornography, the illegal drug trades, etc, that have a powerful negative impact on our society.

Monday Jun 26, 2023

Tommy B. co-hosts with Eric for a casual and open discussion that moves towards health, business, the food industry, and how food related businesses can have a very powerful affect on our individual lives and our society in general.  This episode is split into 2 parts.  Check out Part 1 and Part 2 for the entire 8th Episode.


Let's Talk About Business, Trade, & Commerce, from a Different Perspective. 

Do we underestimate how Business, Trade, and Commerce, in general, affect our daily lives?  Are we too busy in our day to day lives to appreciate the powerful affect that the decisions made by business people can have on our society?  How much positive influence can an honerable business have on it's surrounding community?  What effects does a selfish and dishonorable business have on the community?  How can we create a level playing field for the growth and development of big and small business opportunities?  Let us know what you think.  Please share your ideas.  Contribute your ideas to our Podcast.


Tell Us Your Story!

Are you dreaming of starting a business?  Are you an inventor or someone with great  ideas?  Have you had a lot of successes, or a lot of failures during your journey?  If so, you've got a lot of wisdom to share!  Whether you have many years of experience, or you're just getting started, or you're just interested in business and trade related topics, this is the Podcast For You!  Join us, contribute your ideas, and help us all to get a little wiser! 

Product Reviews!

This Every week during our Live Podcast we are going to be discussing Product Reviews.  We will be posting the videos of our Product Reviews on our YouTube Channel Video Blog, and then posting the link to the latest Product Review here on this Podcast Website.  Stay tuned each week for a new Product Review on our Video Blog and on our LIve Podcast Each Week.

Video Podcast:

Product Review Videos: 

May 7, 2023 - Country Bob's BBQ Sauce - 

May 14, 2023 - The Original Pee Jug - 

May 21, 2023 - Farberware Portable Electric Double Burner - 

June 04, 2023 - Truck Spec Dual Foot Tire Gauge - 




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